Ferries to France Remain Popular

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The popularity for Ferries to France this year has reached a 5 year high according to Google insights. Perhaps this is due to the recession; with families and couples looking for cheaper and shorter breaks, hopping on a ferry to France is a more appealing holiday opportunity than the usual costly flights to America.

Additionally, booking a trip via the ferry allows you to take a larger amount of baggage and even a car and caravan, which is popular amongst families spending a week or two traveling abroad. Short trips gives your children reason to cry than a long flight, with the budget seat option only recommended for short trips as they can be compared to budget seats on flights. I would recommend spending a bit more if you are to go much further than France on your trip as comfort is important, much the same as you might look to do do if you were flying long haul.

France is the most popular destination for Ferry crossings from the United Kingdom and for very good reason. Dover to Calais is the most popular route with this being the shortest and quickest journey between the two countries. Both P&O Ferries and SeaFrance provide a cheap and comfortable trip across the channel for you to enjoy a slice of the continent.

For those located further away from Dover, you can travel from Newhaven to Dieppe, also along the north coast of France, to Caen, Cherbourg, Le Havre and St Malo, all from Portsmouth, Poole to Cherbourg and Plymouth to Roscoff. In fact, taking a ferry across to France is accessible from so much of the UK that travelling on this side of the channel shouldn't take long at all.

With their modern facilities, ferry crossings are becoming more like cruises but without the expense. That might be a slight exaggeration, but on board facilities on a lot of these crafts include good restaurants, shops and even on board casinos to keep you entertained during your trip.


Calais is one of the world's busiest ferry ports, due to its close landing point from England that makes for a quick and easy access into France from England. The city itself has lots of cultural heritage and traditional French restaurants to enlighten tourists.


Caen is known for its historical buildings, the Battle for Caen and as the burial ground for William the Conqueror. Caen castles and churches make up the attractions for visitors coming to this French destination.

Le Havre

Churches and museums are the main sights for tourists visiting Le Havre. Easily accessible by ferry from Portsmouth with LD Lines, Le Havre is a popular destination via ferry for British tourists.

Whichever destination you decide to visit, and whatever length of stay, ferries to France still remain a popular holiday choice for many in the United Kingdom.

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Ferries to France Remain Popular

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This article was published on 2010/03/30